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Surah al-falaq 8 tips for your daily productivity guide


 Allah SWT has incorporated all his commands and teachings for us to ponder upon in the Holy Quran. Every surah has a theme and conceptual learning for the creation. Allah SWT has mentioned the presence of evil bodies and how shaitan can harm us and inherit negative thoughts in our minds. The best Quran tutors nominate Surah Al Falak as the surah of ultimate protection. This Surah develops a protection band around the reciter and can act as a productivity guide for one. if you want to read Surah Al Falak click here  

The following read comprises 8 tips by Surah Al Falak that teach you how to be productive.

Safety with Allah

The first verse of Surah Al Falak stresses that a Muslim should always seek protection with Allah SWT. Dealing with fear, anxiety, depression, and attacks from other people by relying on someone else makes you weak. Affirm yourself that Allah SWT has the power of the whole universe and only He can protect you from evil.

Recite the Beautiful Names of Allah

Memorize Quran Online and keep reciting the beautiful names of Allah SWT as a remembrance of His supreme qualities, power, and divine existence. Studying His names throughout the day will make you feel His existence and you will feel a positive presence around you.

Convey the Surah

Allah SWT directs the readers to convey the messages of this Surah to others so that they can also get the maximum benefit of it.

Adhere to the presence of the Sun

This surah reflects that Allah SWT is the creator of the Sun, of the daybreak. Ponder upon the existence of this dynamic and huge creation and think about the wisdom and power of our Lord.

Not to stay awake till late hours

Staying awake is not cool. It is quite evil as it can cause negative results. Your health can get badly affected and you can lose productivity for the rest of the day. The worst impact can be that you miss your Fajr prayer due to excessive sleep. Allah SWT has created the night to rest and one should take maximum benefit for it.

Utilize your free time

The second and third verses of the Surah reflect an important understanding that the time of the night should be utilized ethically. The nighttime is the period of the day when you get free from your day-to-day responsibilities and your soul requires pleasure. The verses remind you to remain on the right track without indulging yourself in unethical activities of entertainment.

Cure for Evils

Allah SWT has made this surah a cure for every evil, specifical protection from black magic. Many of you may feel lazy, stressed, and tired which can be due to magic or evil eyes. Regular recitation of this surah can protect you from all the negative energies.

Protection against jealousy 

It is very important to learn Quran Online to develop an understanding of important aspects of life. The Holy Quran teaches you how you can protect yourself from jealousy and envy against others. The mention of events of the past and Islamic history creates a sense of gratitude towards life and brings peace to your heart and mind. 


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