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QuranHost – Online Quran Academy works with a great mission to spread the knowledge of the Quran all over the world. We offer discounted and FREE Online Quran Classes to deserving and needy students to read Quran Online, memorize quran with Online tutor and Learn Quran Online Free.

So, if you’re really interested in our Online Quran Courses and facing financial issues, let us know. We will provide you FREE Online Quran Classes with the best Quran tutors.

Eligibility Criteria for FREE Quran Classes

  • The following conditions must be met to get FREE Quran Classes
  • QuranHost offers a discount to those students who can’t pay the full Tuition Fee, therefore if you can pay the discounted monthly FEE, please write us and get the discount on the Monthly Fee, so that we can provide maximum ease to those students who really deserve this opportunity
  • We offer FREE Quran classes only to the poor and deserving brothers and sisters, who can’t pay full or partial tuition fees. If you are really deserving, please contact us here and we will pay your Tuition Fee for learning Quran Online.
  • When we get your request for FREE Online Quran Classes, we will send you an email to get information about you.
  • Once we find you suitable for this scholarship, you will be informed on your Email or phone call to avail the Online Free Quran Teaching services.
  • We will pay your tuition fees to your Quran Teacher from our donations, so you should follow the schedule properly. You must be regular in all the classes to avoid any wastage of funds and time of your Quran teacher.
  • This scholarship holds a special quota of classes each month. If those seats are already filled on your arrival, you will have to wait for the next month to avail this opportunity. As soon as the slots are available, you will get your free Quran classes scheduled.
  • You will have to ensure that your attendance is 90% or above. If there is any inconvenience or difficulty in taking the class, inform us a day earlier. Later, if a makeup class is needed; it can be scheduled at your request.
  • Uninformed absentees will lead to the cancellation of this scholarship automatically. Try to prove yourself a real enthusiastic about learning Quran Online.
  • Your concern regarding our academy can play its best part in helping those who are really needy. Share this aspect with your friends and family and give us the opportunity to help them.
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