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Highest Quality Quran Teaching and lowest monthly Fee.

Very affordable packages to make it possible for all to learn Quran Online with convenience.

Monthly Packages for Online Quran Classes

2 Days Weekly
$ 40 per month
£35 - 55 AUD
30 Minutes Class
12 Classes per Month
3 Days Weekly
$ 50 per month
£38 - 70 AUD
30 Minutes Class
12 Classes per Month
4 Days Weekly
$ 65 per month
£50 - 90 AUD
30 Minutes Class
16 Classes per Month
5 Days Weekly
$ 75 per month
£58 - 105 AUD
30 Minutes Class
20 Classes per Month

Special Packages (One Hour Classes) for Online Quran Memorization

2 days
$ 65 per month
£50 AUD
1 Hour classes
8 Hours Monthly
3 days
$ 90 per month
£69 AUD
1 Hour classes
12 Hours Monthly
4 days
$ 120 per month
£92 AUD
1 Hour classes
16 Hours Monthly
5 days
$ 140 per month
£108 AUD
1 Hour classes
20 Hours Monthly
6 days
$ 160 per month
£123 AUD
1 Hour classes
24 Hours Monthly


  • Low-income families: Those who can’t afford full fee are offered 10% discount.
  • Family Package: 20% discount for additional students of the same family.

Customized Plan

We can offer you a customized plan according to your needs. Please kindly fill in the contact form or email us on

Key Features of Monthly Packages:

  • Eid Holidays are included in the monthly fees of the students and there is no refund for that.
  • There is no refund for missed classes during a month; however, you can take make-up classes for those days.
  • We recommend One on One Classes for kids but if the parents can’t afford it, more than one child can share the classes also without any extra payment.
  • All packages for Quran Classes are time based, not courses based.
  • Payment is charged after the Free Trials in advance on monthly basis.
  • If a student misses some classes during the month, still he or she has to pay for that days, but he/she can take make-up classes for the that days.

Payment Methods

PayPal, All Credit / Debit Cards, Western Union or Bank Transfer