Forgiveness in Islam

Importance of the Concept of Forgiveness in Islam

Concept of Forgiveness:

How many times has it been that we hurt someone unintentionally? It is not necessary that the harm inflicted by physical. It can be spiritual or mental. Either way, it is not worthwhile to be the cause of somebody’s grief. That is why, not just Islam, but every other religion too emphasizes the need to ask for forgiveness.

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Online Quran Academy

Key Performance Indicators of a Good Online Quran Academy

Different Ways of Teaching the Quran to Children

Teaching a Quran to your children using multiple ways has become easier as technology has opened new horizons to opt and make life easier and practice religion. First of all, a one on one session with a private tutor is what every parent seeks for who will teach your child during a certain time period.

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How to Read Quran in Arabic Correctly


Quran is the best source of information for any Muslim. It was revealed through the last messenger of Allah, Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and has been very significant ever since. It is an obligation upon every Muslim to learn how to read Quran in Arabic correctly. Muslim parents have to teach their kids Quran recitation properly.

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