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Online Quran & Tajweed Courses

Noorani Qaida Online

Qaida Noorania is the basic booklet for all, who wants to learn reading Quran with Tajweed for the first time. We have specialized tutors for teaching Qaida Online to kids in a very short time.

Online Quran Reading

It is the next course after Qaida to Learn how to Read Quran with proper pronunciation in Arabic by looking in the Quran under the guidance of expert Quran teacher Online at your home.

Learn Quran with Tajweed

Learn Quran Online with Tajweed is an advanced course to learn Tajweed ruels and improve the recitation of the Holy Quran while applying the rules of Tajweed. Try if Free

Quran Memorization Course

We have introduced a very fast and successful way to Memorize Quran Online  for kids. A  step by step training will let you be able to Finally Memorize the Whole Quran in Short Time

Tafseer Quran Online

Understand the Holy Quran by learning the word-by-word meanings of the Quranic words with its complete explanation  and Tafseer with qualified Islamic Scholars Online.

Learn Arabic Online

Learn Arabic Language Online with native Arab teachers from beginner to advanced level. We offer Quranic Arabic, Arabic Language, Grammar for males and females.

Learn Quran Online with Egyptian Quran Teachers

Online Quran Classes for Kids and Adults

As a Muslim parent, it is our core responsibility to teach our kids the basic teachings of Islam and Quran recitation with Tajweed. Due to hectic schedule in this modern world, many of us can’t easily deal with this basic obligation. To cover this issue QuranHost offers Online Classes for kids and adults to learn Quran reading Online at home with comfort.

QuranHost is the pioneer and leading Online Quran Academy, providing Online Quran and Arabic Tutoring services since 2010 worldwide. Our Online Quran Teaching is preferred by a large number of Muslim parents especially those living in non-Muslim countries. QuranHost has highly qualified male and female Arab teachers from Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. As well as, we have male and female Quran teachers from Pakistan who can teach Quran to the kids in English and Urdu.

Online Quran Classes is the greatest revolution in the Quran teaching for kids where the children can learn Quran reading online with very qualified and experienced Quran teachers one-on-one. We use the latest technology where the teacher and students interact with each other as they are in one classroom. All you need to start learning is just a Laptop or iPad and internet connection.

 In a very short time, your child will be able to read Quran with Tajweed without any mistakes. No matter, what your age is, and how busy is your schedule, but if you didn’t get a chance to learn how to read Quran, Get a Free Trail for easy and affordable online Quran classes.

Why QuranHost?

Flexible Schedule 24/7

QuranHost gives you and your kids the opportunity to take your lessons anytime & any day according to your availability as our Online Quran teachers are available 24/7.


Qualified Quran Tutors

All our teachers are well-trained, experienced and certified as we hire  highly qualified Quran teachers for kids to educate them with Quran & Arabic Online.

Easy Quran Lessons for kids

We have designed ready-made curriculums for Quran and Arabic learning students of all levels which can be modified according to your needs to learn at your own pace.

Affordable Tuition Fee

We Online Quran and Arabic courses are comparably cheaper than other Islamic Centers and Academies. Moreover we offer siblings concession and discount to needy families, for details click here

Female Quran Tutors

We have certified best female Quran teachers who are available around the clock to teach kids and sisters at their suitable timings. We have also Native Arab and Egyptian Female Quran Tutors also.

Money Back Guarantee

Register your kids for learning Quran and Get the results in a month otherwise get your payment back, if you are not satisfied with our Online Quran Teaching services.


What Parents and Students Say About Us?

Living in Canada is hard to keep children up with religion and Quran learning, and I was so worried how to connect my son Ali with Quran. 

A friend told me about QuranHost and I belive that it is an amazing program. The teacher always accommodate your availability here. My son Ali learnt Quran reading with online tutor in a short time. He memorized many surs and also learnt a lot about Islam.

The teachers are qualified and give the parents updates regularly. It’s a wonderful program.


Salma Ghadban
- Orleans Canada

QuranHost is highly recommend to anyone who is interested in learning Quran for themselves or their children.

The teachers are very responsive and dedicated. My kids Kabir and Sahar are really enjoying their Quran classes and making great progress in Quran reading and memorization. I myslef also started with a female teacher, who is simply a great teacher. 

Many thanks to the entire team of QuranHost for all your efforts to teach me and my children Quran. I am forever grateful to you.

testimonial one

Shabina Islam
- Texas, USA